Friday, August 20, 2010

Art Is My Bag, Baby ;D

Since I plan on participating in The Sketchbook Project again in the future, I figured I could make a cute little bag to carry my art supplies around in, without it being unused after I finished my sketchbook (I've wanted something like this for a while)

I stole the material off Sal's mom, so it was free. Along with the needle & thread.

I bought a bag of random sewing-type things at a thrift store for 50 cents, which produced the ribbon & the snap on the front (although the only reason I bought that bag was for some snaps, so technically even those 2 things were free)

This took me about 6 hours from start to finish, & a lot of it was just me BSing my way through *LOL*

The front, with the cute little snap. I want to get something to cover up my 'awesome' sewing job that's keeping it in place

& the inside - in order, there's a pen to write down ideas, a notebook for ideas, my sketchbook, a ruler, my transferring pencil, a mechanical pencil with regular lead, a mechanical pencil with coloured (purple) lead inside, an inking pen, an eraser pen, & an eraser

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sketchbook Project

I have some new pieces for my sketchbook. I'm working at a pretty steady pace, but I'm still worried I won't have enough done by the deadline (even though I still have over 4 months left...)

Have you ever stopped & watched a spider build a web? Or even just looked at a spider web? Those things are AWESOME!

I love snuggling up with Sal when it's bedtime. This is actually on a vibrant pink cardstock, but my scanner hates bright colours (it also isn't blurry on the side, but I blame the actual sketchbook for that)

I wanted to fill a page with cute... & then I was thinking of fruit... & a punk pineapple (the leaves look like a mohawk)
Eventually, I will fill an entire page with random cuteness, but until then, have some random fruit-ness XD