Sunday, November 28, 2010


There are some REALLY nasty people in this world. Especially on the internet, where there is a screen, & the fact that no one knows who they really are, to protect them

Since my art was on the Postsecret site, as a secret, I have had 2 people post comments in my blog (here & my old blog) about how my art sucks, I need to get a job, I'm fat & lazy, I 'used' Postsecret as a way to get more people to see my stuff, blah blah blah. & it hasn't even been 24 hours yet. I am not looking forward to the rest of this week.

I have 2 things to say about this.

Number one. People use other people's art to send in secrets all the time. There is NOTHING saying that just because I drew the card, I also submitted the secret.

With that said, yes, I submitted the secret. This leads into the second thing I have to say about this. I drew it over 3 years ago & added text over 2 years ago, & it was sitting in a binder, sealed in an envelope, up until 2 months ago when I mailed it. I actually forgot what the secret said (although I did remember the jist of it), & I still don't remember signing it. If I had remembered, I probably wouldn't have sent it (because, seriously, my anxiety has been flaring up ever since I saw that it made it onto the site just because of that signature)
I just recently started drawing again, & figured the secret was valid, as I tried for a good year to draw only clean stuff, doing cute chibi things & bookmarks, & just having fun with it. I still do these things, but in that year & a half, I got nowhere with it.

I don't regret sending it in, & I wasn't trying to 'use' Postsecret just to get more people to notice me. This is more of a case of picture-is-unrelated, as I did NOT draw the postcard just for this purpose. I realize I probably should have covered up my signature, but it was an oversight, NOT a plea for attention that caused this (that, & I was trying to cover up the hand because I screwed up while inking & it looked wonky, but whatever)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Bookmarks & Charms

The candy bar & Pocky bookmarks will both be going on my Artfire account, for sale :D

The charms are for mine & Sal's DS's. The Daruma is for me, & I drew the Farfetch'd & Kirby for him. They're both double sided, & about 2" tall (give or take)