Tuesday, July 27, 2010

T Is For

Completely by accident, the most recent 2 pieces I finished for my sketchbook both start with "T" :D
Tapirs are adorable, & I love me some tea!


  1. Gorgeous! Would love to hear more about how you rebound your Sketchbook Project book.

  2. Me too! I see that papier et encre also saw your comment on Jessica Mack's trial of various media in her crappy Moleskine, and you commented that you were glad you'd spent the time to rebind yours with cardstock. Did you take a class? Learn from YouTube? Heck, I'd even pay for a service! Please help two fellow artists and share how the heck to rebind this POS! (Maybe while you're still waiting to get rid of Ubuntu?)
    Thanks a million...

    Margaret Shank