Sunday, September 23, 2012

Recipes For After The Zombie Apocalypse

So I’m making a cookbook. & I need funding I’ve set up an Indiegogo account for the book here - If you can afford to donate, every little bit helps! If you can’t, please help me by spreading the word! I’ve wanted to create a cookbook for years now, & I would love to see this one work out, because it would be useful for so many people!!! This cookbook is based on using only ingredients that can be kept for months without refrigeration, & can be cooked with nothing more than a stovetop or an open flame. Perfect for camping, RVers, places with frequent power outages, zombie apocalypse preparation, etc. & if I can get the full amount funded, then printing costs & testing costs for the recipes will be paid, which means that I won’t have to charge an arm & a leg for the book. So, help me out if possible!

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